Spaghetti (is it done yet?)
stoneware, printed decals, MDF boards, wood, tressels, clay weights

for 'Circumbendibus'
AltMFA's residency at Guest Projects 2016


Gallery Open from 12pm
5pm Spiralised Cocktails
6pm Live acts, Artist's films, and Food.
(BYOB and food to spiral)

Using the term Circumbendibus, AltMFA describe their group process of cyclical discussions and roundabout decisions which have impacted this years residency's themes. Through creating links across the project space room, AltMFA will map connections through assorted art works and objects made by different members. These will be in flux through the weeks residency as new works are added or created by members. These squiggles and twists continue through the consumables of the evening.

Join us at our temporary base at Guest Projects, through this time when four alternative art schools will be occupying the building over 5 weeks. Featuring work in progress from our current members and associates.

Plating Up

An AltMFA workshop making collaborative plates for Anti University Festival's Alternative Art Education Summit

Join Alt MFA, Open School East, School of the Damned and The Syllabus at The Summit of these current alternative art schools.
This event ends the month-long occupation of Guest Projects by the four groups over May and the beginning of June.

Join us at 5pm where the four alternative art schools will be in a chaired group discussion followed by a dinner at 7pm. Components of the dinner would be contributed by different art schools.

OSE: Drinks
The Syllabus: Starters
Alt MFA: Mains
School of the Damned: Dessert
Amy Leung